The Versatility

Whoa, that’s damn hot!

The Beefer compared to conventional Grills.



A good gas grill produces decently hot temperatures. But not the PERFECT temperature. Which is why a lot of beef is cooked internally too long, producing a “boiling” type of effect.



A well built charcoal grill produces about 300-350°C. This is okay but still only about half of the desired temperature for the perfect steak or piece of beef.


> 800°C

At least 800°C is what The Beefer is able to perform every time due to its High Performance Ceramic Burner. This is the perfect blazing heat for perfect results!

 Flawless Searing 

perfect results with evenly distributed heat.


Maximum taste develops within seconds. It’s crunchy and juicy – with no compromise. It’s what we call “Beefing.”

Preparing meat using The Beefer is all about reaching the perfect benchmark. While a conventional grill cooks meat over a longer period of time at 300-370 degrees or less, The Beefer caramalizes meat within seconds with at least 800 degrees of heat – creating the perfect steak every time! Many customers told us that they didn’t know the difference — until they used The Beefer! This is the future of grilling. Only, we call it “Beefing.” And we invite you to try it yourself.

Premium Steakhouse Quality for your Home. Yes, right NOW.

The Beefer is not your father’s old gas grill. The Beefer is the embodiment of meat indulgence and a griller’s new best friend. Why? It enables everyone to now achieve Steakhouse quality at home. Quite simply, ‘Beefing’ is a whole new barbeque league of its own. The grillers of today will be the ‘Beefers’ of tomorrow! You can bet on that!

The Pros Swear By It. And You Will Love it, too.

It’s no secret that grillmasters love playing with fire. But with The Beefer — the only grill approved for private and professional use that achieves temperatures of 1500 degrees farenheit — there’s a whole new trend about to begin.  We will call it a taste explosion! Because now, super hot cuisine is available at home for your guests — or for a more convenient professional use! Add in its functional, modern design with stainless steel, and you’ll see why “Beefing” is about to start a new rage in cooking. Hundreds of Professionals in Europe have already discovered the enormous bandwidth of The Beefer in their kitchens. They say it has pushed their menu development with new, exciting options. YOU will agree as you excite the taste buds of everyone in your home!

Lean back, watch and enjoy this. “Beefing” at its best.

The Beefer works exclusively with top heat and achieves temperatures of approx. 800°C that are basically unknown for conventional grills on the market. This is made possible by a ceramic high-performance gas burner. Besides the short cooking time that enables the perfect sear, a particular advantage of the Beefer is how the top heat causes meat juices to drip below. The juices are then caught in a gastro tray and can be used to prepare delicious sauces or side dish flavoring. The extremely high temp on the surface of the grilled meat leads to a form of caramelization, resulting in a crisp crust on the outside, and a succulent, juicy inside.

Note: The Beefer One (our first model) shown in this video has been upgraded to “The Beefer” as shown on these pages.